Friday, August 23, 2013

Work in Progress: Silicone Dome Dart Molds

Infamous and I have been working on a little project to replace the now defunct (as far as I know) PAK D's dart tips.
These gold tips are made of a mixture of silicone and cornstarch, a popular DIY recipe called Oogoo.

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The molds were done in Solidworks, and printed in ABS plastic on an UP! plus 3D printer.
Currently on version 2, very happy with how well the ribs formed, they should help grip the foam rather well. The rounded some part was smoothed by carefully rubbing in acetone to melt the surface. It's a more controlled way of vapor polishing that doesn't compromise the internal structural integrity.

The molds fasten together with a 10-32 nut and bolt.

I have been able to hopper these type of domed darts before, the feel and hardness is about the same as the PAK D stuff, and weighs the same. They may be a bit softer, actually. I'll have to shoot infamous later for a true scientific test. The thought process for these darts was that conventional silicone dome darts don't weigh enough to make for stable dart flight. These ones weigh about 0.8-0.9g alone.

I have to experiment with making a pourable oogoo mix for more repeatable results, but our plan is to release these molds to the public.


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    1. Oh, sorry, I never saw this! Wow, my bad. I'll talk to infamous and see if he thinks the current version is good to go for releasing.