Sunday, November 10, 2013

JT SplatMaster Z100 Pistol Holster Review

Shortly after my first successful and very fun Nerf battle with my z100, I decided to pick this up:

Not being available at my local Walmart stores, I ordered it from Amazon with free shipping:

It arrived in a week and upon opening it, the similar, reassuring feeling of JT's high quality materials was once again felt. Here are some additional pictures to supplement official JT ones:

More pics of pictures of infamous' crotch after the jump! - azrael

There is a Velcro lockable loop that secures the blaster in the holster if desired. On the left side of the holster, there are two straps that can be secured with snaps, acting as a possible removable attachment system. The snap buttons are heavy duty, requiring a good amount of force to pop them open and close. Below these straps lies a closed loop, most likely meant for a more permanent mounting method such as securing the holster to your belt. The right side of the holster features two elastic straps meant for carrying the pistol's intended clips. It is too big for a single dart and too small for missile type ammo. It seems like it would house mega darts quite well, but the elastic is quite strong, so it might crush the darts. Perhaps it is possible to make mega dart shells by simply cutting some appropriate tubing material and using it to protect the darts from deforming under the elastic straps. Anyways, I am sure you can think of some creative way to utilize this feature (flashlight holder maybe?).

There is a small design flaw to mention. The holster covers the entire handle of the blaster, which makes slotting the blaster in as well as pulling it out troublesome with an awkward, non-flowing motion. To holster the blaster, you have to push the blaster in as much as possible with your hand still on the blaster's grip, then let go of the grip with your blast not fully in the holster yet and push in the rest of the way with your fingers on the back of the pistol grip. To take the blaster out, you can only grab the end of the blaster's handle grip until enough of the blaster is out for you to wrap the rest of your hand on the grip. Overall, these two motions, especially putting the blaster in the holster, do not feel smooth and will take a while to get used to. Here is a picture of a real holster to further clarify the differences:

See how the holster covers the entire trigger, but leaves the handle completely open for your hand to couple for insertion and removal? I think JT designed their holster the way they did because of the blaster locking strap. But surely they can find some clever way of securing the blaster in the holster? I mean we commonly see amazingly simple, yet well thought out and functioning designs in their blasters.

As with many of the JT products we have seen, the holster's quality is superb. Everything feels rigid, tight and durable. Despite the small design flaw, this accessory is a bargain for $10. I would definitely buy this again.


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  2. That closed loop under the snap straps is an integral part of th mounting sysem its PALS/MALICE/MOLLY compatible. You're supposed to weave the snap straps through the PALS harness, back through the closed loop, then again through the harness