Thursday, December 19, 2013

Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow Internals!

It's been a while since we had some new content. I ordered some stuff on Amazon, and this came in the other day!

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I'm just going to jump right into it. We know what to expect based the on the blaster's operation: something very similar to a Rough Cut. But now it's a crossbow! So now every Walking Dead fan can get their Daryl Dixon on.

 Here are some more views of the outside.

Dat drawstring action.

First, an appearance from my new favorite tool. Electric precision screwdriver! Makes everything go so much faster.

 Bow arms removed. Not hard to pop off, if you already put them on before opening it. Just muscle it out at an angle slowly.

As  we can see, it looks like half of a Rough Cut's barrel and plunger assembly.

 The trigger and catch assembly is much simpler than the Rough Cut, of course, since it doesn't have the stepped trigger feature.

 Just a closer view of the plunger.

An interesting this to note is that there is no geared setup here. The bow arms are fairly strong, and thus I think the drawstring can be replaced with something stronger to improve performance. Should be just like the old school practice of rubber banding.

The plunger and spring.

Smart AR assembly.

My overall impression is that it's a fun blaster. Just visually, it seems to be a bit weaker than the Rough Cut, not sure why. Perhaps the spring is slightly weaker, I don't remember what the Rough Cut's feels like. Haven't had a chance to use the Chrony on it just yet, that should tell us what we need to know.

Any questions?

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